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Information for the riders and their teams – arrival to the paddock of 300 ZGH

Issued: 14 May, 2016

Till Thursday the 19 of May 2016 the paddock of the race is functioning as an auto camp, which means that parking for Thursday´s night and the following ones are free of charge. The accommodation in cottages will be paid for during the whole race weekend.

The prior arrival to the paddock is possible but the driver or his or hers team has to follow the conditions of accommodation applied for the auto camp (including corresponding payments). These payments do not guarantee the riders the selection of the place for the race weekend. From Thursday on, the riders who arrived before and do not stand at the places determined to them by the organiser will have to move from the improper places. The place for the riders in paddock will be determined according to the plan which was elaborated by Martin Kulhanek and Zdenek Brabec.

Because the requirements of the riders exceeds the existing capacity of the auto camp some riders will have to park outside the auto camp on the neighbouring meadows, as in previous years. We ask the riders and their teams who will be staying in the area of the auto camp to park their cars and vans that are not necessary to be used during the race weekend outside the auto camp (at the meadow near the chapel or alongside the paddock at the small road near the tower). This thoughtfulness will allow staying more riders in the area of the auto camp. It depends only on the collegiality among the riders.

Any place reservation using own ropes by riders or their teams in the area of the auto camp and selected areas of the neighbouring meadows is strictly forbidden. Such reservations will be removed by the organisers‘ staff. The same will be applied to the placement of tents or parking cars at other than those determined by the above mentioned plan. This measure enables cutting the grass before the race weekend.

The riders and their teams who will not respect the instructions of the organisers´ staff could be punished, as for example, by not allowing them to attend the race or by not allowing them to stay in the paddock any longer.

A more detailed info is available here.


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