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Track description


Ride around the race track

When you drive to the starting tower at the starting line, you have to bargain on a very hard work. One round has 5 150 meter and the difference in elevation makes 90 meter and during one round you have to pass through 26 corners, of which are 11 to the left and 15 to the right. Are you ready? All right, we are going at it. It is a nice sunny day and many spectators are around the racetrack. And so it would be fitting to drive out on the back wheel. But be careful; don’t open the throttle too much, because the chicane „Na Cikánce“ is waiting for us. Here knows it very well Reichel, the near birch tree tried Sala as well. We drive through this twisty road and we come to the house of family Nálevka. This fast right corner leads us to the downhill road called „Borek“. In this corner had many problems such drivers as Parus or Gächter. Huboňa punished here his disobedient Honda so that it had to be extinguished. From “Borek” everybody is driving fast, but at the pub you have to already brake very hard, because the tight right corner is waiting for us. If you don’t brake in time, you rupture your leather suit by the green fence. Then follows the passage through the main square, where the tightest place of the racetrack is. And now you put on brakes and at “Koruna” you turn to the right and immediately at the fire station to the left. At “Koruna” you drive really to the left, not straight as Thomas Lucas. And now you drive a bit straight ahead to the fast right corner and again straight and you come to a difficult left corner called “Na Jabloňáku”. This corner didn’t manage Radek Urbanec. I hope that you recognized that from “Koruna” we are slowly but surely climbing so that it is necessary to have a good gearing. „Jabloňák“ is behind us and we are getting to the tight right corner “At water tank”. On this corner think back up today for example Nečesánek. Now you can out on the back wheel to exhibit yourself. But be careful, Salač had a big problem here. Crash down from the scar wouldn’t be while. We are passing the house of Josef Bareš and are climbing to the “cross”. You can open the throttle to the maximum, but throttle back in time, otherwise you will jump over the horizon and you will hurt your “manhood”, as for example Javůrek or Preining. Behind the horizon you have to go on the right hand in order to drive well in the following tight left corner. Again throttle a bit and get on brakes and the tight right corner, called “Lukavecký vracák”, is waiting for us. If you are too fast, you can stop respectively in Lukavec, as for example Hlavatka, or jump in to the forest, as Auinger, or fall on your back as Seifert. But now we are in the first “Dachova chicane”. The spectators clamour and wave the programs, but our fingers hurt from the clutch and braking lever. And now accelerate to the second “Dachova chicane”. You put again on brakes and turn to the right and to the left. Pay attention when you drive out this corner that your back wheel doesn’t slip. Again open the throttle a bit and then brake and turn to the right. Now you can accelerate to maximum speed and drive out on your back wheel, if you have some strange in your hands. We relax for a while until the “Kudrnáčcorner” comes. And now we are passing the very fast right “Kudrnáčcorner”. It seems to be a smart corner, but you have to look out. The starting tower is now in sight, spectators are waving, but the chequered flag misses. Another 11 rounds are waiting for us…


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